IT expert to realize your business in the computer world.

David Pérez Marinas – IT Engineer

Web & cloud solutions

If you are considering to create a web-application, I can provide all my experience to realise your project.

Even if your company has no IT department, your new web-site can be mantained after the development.

Mobile apps

Mobile apps are possible to be created to promote your business or develop a new tech start-up.

Both, web or native (Android) apps could be realized, specially those based on geolocalization features.


The new cheap “very small computers” make possible to develop embedded and robotics solutions with low cost projects.

With a background in this kind of systems, I want to help in the development of your new idea.


Deep experienced in building desktop and web-oriented applications with this Microsoft’s technology.

For those web-oriented applications technologies like the ASP.NET MVC and SQL-Server are used for a quick development cycle.


The Java programming language is used intensively for Android apps development.

Additionaly, Java EE was the framework to build some web-client applications.


It is used to build robotic and embeded systems on “nano”-computers such RaspberryPi or BeagleBone devices quickly.

Also, the Python-based framework, Django is used in order to develop applications on the Web.

Computer Engineer, with an experience of more than 15 years developing software for several companies in areas such defence, telecommunications, energy or project management systems.

Experienced in several technologies like .Net, Android, Java, or Python, creating desktop, web, mobile or embedded systems.

I can take part in your IT development as project manager, software architect or developer. Even if your company has no IT-department, the development team can be also hired and managed.

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Wiko Bausoftware – 3pleP GmbH

Computer Engineer. Sector: Project Management Systems From May 2013 until June 2016 Software architect and developer for web applications with...

DPM Ingeniería SL

General Manager and Project Leader. Sector: Engineering. From November 2010 until now. Owner and founder. Customers searching and supporting. Development...


IT Engineer. Sector: Defence. From February 2007 until July 2009. Second team leader developing a system for electronic warfare analysis...

Soluziona – Unión Fenosa

Annalyst-Programmer Sector: IT Consulting/Energy From May 2005 to July 2006 Working in Soluziona’s energy sector. Development and maintaining of a...